We are In The Treetops Naturals

Where We Started:

We started as In The Treetops Baby Boutique in 2012.

Our children are our greatest passion. We cherish our planet and we wanted to provide an earth friendly non-toxic environment for our family, however, there were no local businesses at the time offering cloth diapers or other natural parenting products. Thankfully since that time the products we used and sold have become more widely available from larger retailers.

As our family and babies grew, our priorities and focus changed. In this new chapter of our lives we have shifted our focus from babies to the health and wellness of our family. We continue to do our best to provide an earth friendly, non-toxic, environment for our family. And we like to share what works for us.

Our focus may have changed but our motto has not

"If it isn't good enough for our family, it isn't good enough for yours!"

Where We Are Headed:

We will continue to learn and seek out ways to improve the health of our family, community, and environment.

We hope you find the information on our sites to be useful and we welcome you to ask questions if you would like more information.


~Amanda & Jeff Mathews

In The Treetops Naturals

If it isn't good enough for our family, it isn't good enough for yours!